The Lootbox event opens tonight!

Lootbox is a fantasy themed gacha event with a unique twist on the rares: Instead of winning a rare, you’ll be playing for a chance to win a lootbox including a rare and other items such as extra commons, recolored commons or secret items!

I am showing the set from deviousMind today: 


All the things shown are part of the rare ” Lootbox “.
This set is pretty amazing!

Details below ❤

!dM deviousMind “Bastet” **GODDESS** LootBox RARE @ LOOTBOX GACHA EVENT *OPENS 10PM SLT
!dM Bastet – GoddessMask (unrigged) **RARE**
!dM Bastet – ChainCollar **GOLD**
!dM Bastet – GodessSilk Ornament Skirt **TURQUOISE**
!dM Bastet – GodessSilk Ornament Top **TURQUOISE**
!dM Bastet – GodessSilk PearlBelt **GOLD**
!dM Bastet – ThighBand  **TURQUOISE**
!dM Bastet – Bracelet **TURQUOISE**
!dM Bastet – Armband **TURQUOISE**
!dM Bastet – Anklets **TURQUOISE**

* You can see this whole gacha set by clicking HERE.

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