Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤



Lotssssss of credits, so find all the things below. ❤

→ Head: .LeLutka. – Mesh Head – Simone Bento
→ Skin: Glam Affair – Lilian
*purchased at the Lelutka main store near Simone. 
→ Hair: Pr!tty – Krissi – {Basics}
Ears: Sweet Thing. 27. Plushie Baby Ears – Floppy & Pointed RARE @ The Epiphany
Tag: Sweet Thing. 5. Plushie Baby Ear Tag @ The Epiphany
Shorts: Sweet Thing. 18. Plushie Baby Shorts – Fluffy (A) @ The Epiphany
Top: Sweet Thing. 12. Plushie Baby Top – Bunny (A) @ The Epiphany
→ Piercing: PUNCH / Hip Piercing / Diamonds & Bows
→ Collar: Amala – Tattoo Choker – White
→ Socks: {MB} Darling Socks (White)

MudHoney Ginny Bed Adult – Vintage * Deco(c)rate February.
(fd) Cat – 02 Sleeping Curled
Stockholm&Lima:Lover’s Trail-Hers * Deco(c)rate February.
Stockholm&Lima:Lover’s Trail-His * Deco(c)rate February.
dust bunny . wood beaded curtain
tarte. dream pallet
DIGS – Milligan Canopy
tarte. balloon light (pink & gold) @ Colllabor88
[PM]Pixel Mode – Long Drape – White Sheer
{anc} miniature/H. mannequin {S} white
Kalopsia – Poppy’s Cello @ Colllabor88
DIGS – Trengove Chest – White
{what next} Hanging Heart Decor – Always & Forever *VIP Group Gift
{what next} Hanging Heart Decor – Love You More *VIP Group Gift
+Half-Deer+ Firefly Vine – Light – Vert.
Serenity Style– All for love suitcase * Deco(c)rate February.
Serenity Style– All for love roses * Deco(c)rate February.
.:revival:. linen rug
+Half-Deer+ Messy Rug/Blanket (All Colors)
::{u.f.o}:: Swan Lake, Act1 – mannequin with clothes
ionic – Vintage dress mannequin # silver
Compulsion Love and Roses Screen
ARIA – Bridal Parlour – Pouf
tarte. star mobile (bronze) @ Colllabor88
{what next} Amelie Picture Shelf 2
+Half-Deer+ Unicorn Story – Fauxidermy Duo
::{u.f.o}:: Swan Lake, Act1 – mannequin with Hydrangea
:CP: Forgotten Places Fireplace – Fresh * Deco(c)rate February.
.:revival:. small ottoman flower @ Draftsman

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