I can’t take back the words I never said.

A new event opens at 11pm SLT – Memento Mori.

Memento Mori is a premier Second Life event that fills a niche not currently supported: Horror, Gore, Goth, Macabre. ( I totally stole that from the website). You can view the website here, as well as get a list of participating designers. This event will be quarterly, so you won’t have to wait all year just to get your freaky fix.

I can't take back the words I never said.

I love unique items such as the wings shown above. There are also glass shards for your eyes but you just can’t see my face here. The wings are my favorite though.
Also the dress is perfect and comes in several colors (lights and darks) and options with or without blood splatter.

Be sure to check out this event as soon as it opens at 11pm SLT!

You can find all the credits below ❤

→ Hair: [Monso] – (Morphine Janick) – My Hair Yuju_M /Black Brown
→ Dress: ALTAIR* –  (Tsurine) – Yuno dress .black+blood. maitreya @ Memento Mori
→ Wings: CURELESS&DISORDERLY – (Kaorinette) – / Blind Angel / GLASS WINGS / Bloody White @ Memento Mori
→ Bloody hands: Clemmm –  (Clem Velinov) – Bloody Hands
→ Bloody feet: Clemmm –  (Clem Velinov) – Bloody Feet
→ Coffin: HarshLands – (Kadaj Yoshikawa) – Cemetery Tomb 1
→ Pose: Del May

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