If only.

Quick post today, I wanted to show the new build from The Loft available at 6 Republic.
I have been steering towards decor posts lately, but I will bring back the outfits and what not soon enough. :*

If only.

I kinda am in love with this build.

This is just the exterior, all of the basic credits are below ❤

Build: The Loft (Nardya Rousselot) – Casa Alondra @ 6Republic

Botanical – (Kriss Lehmann) – Lattice Fence w/ Gate
The Loft (Nardya Rousselot) – Verona Pool
The Loft(Nardya Rousselot) – Norma Lounger Bed Wood
The Loft (Nardya Rousselot) -Norma Lounger Wood

Fancy Decor: – (Jake Vordun) – Wood Table (white)
The Loft – (Colleen Desmoulins) – Tribeca Multi-Purpose Chair White
The Loft – (Colleen Desmoulins) – Casolare Place Setting Sienna
The Loft – (Colleen Desmoulins) – Twig Vase

Culprit – (Lord Humphrey) – Roman Wall Fountain (mesh)
The Loft (Nardya Rousselot) – Newcombe Industrial Chair Rusted Copper
{what next} – (Winter Thorn) – Brighton Bicycle – wear me (RED)
Fancy Decor: – (Jake Vordun) – Vertical Candles
2. Apple Fall – (Warehousefifteendesigns) – Dolly Piano
The Loft – (Colleen Desmoulins) – Iman Daybed Adult Red
La Galleria – (Pamela Galli) – Jacobean Coffee Table w Menu
14 – 8f8 – (8f8) – primavera in Toscana Gourmet Set
AF – (Warehousefifteendesigns) – Pillar Candles

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