In the littlest of spaces.

Stockholm & Lima recently released a ” failed adulting ” set at The Epiphany gacha event.
I have a soft spot for stuff like this..and really who doesn’t love blanket forts. (Clearly everyone does.)

In the littlest of spaces.

I am also wearing the new body suit from Just Because available at the Mesh Body Addicts event.
It’s perfect.

Credits and all the things are listed below ❤

→ Skin: Glam Affair – (Aida Ewing)  – Luna – Asia
→ Hair: !Oleander ~ (TakagiGraves) – Chanel.  Honeycomb Roots @ The Epiphany
→ Bodysuit: *JB* – (Annie Melson) – Erika Lingerie – Fatpack – Maitreya @ Mesh Body Addicts
→ Cuffs: .oOo.BbG.oOo. –  (PeacheZCream) – Sweet Ruffles Bracelets
→ Slippers:  *BOOM* – (Aranel Ah) – Animal Slipper (unicorn) *
*former gacha, not sure if available any more. 


Skybox: Stockholm&Lima – (Surrealia Anatine) – Failed Adulting Blanket Fort Skybox @ The Epiphany
Moon Mat: Stockholm&Lima: – (Surrealia Anatine) – Failed Adulting Nap Mat @ The Epiphany
Happy Place Art: Jian :: – (JIanSL) – Aurelia Bedroom – Art @ The Seasons Story
Hanging Lights: tarte. – (Alixxbella) – boho ceiling lights
Tree Light: [atooly.home] – (Rockstarroo Gossipgirl) – hanging wall branch .pearl. @ The Seasons Story
Crates: Stockholm&Lima: – (Surrealia Anatine) – Failed Adulting Record Crate @ The Epiphany
Crates: Stockholm&Lima: – (Surrealia Anatine) – Failed Adulting Crate Table Crate Table @ The Epiphany
Tin with candle: [ keke ] – (Kean Kelly) – tealight in a tin – fish @ The Seasons Story
Candles: [ zerkalo ] – (DanielEstro/AnaisTerpellie) – Halloween in White – Candles @ The Seasons Story
Bed: Stockholm&Lima: – (Surrealia Anatine) – Failed Adulting Bed [Adult] @ The Epiphany
Cat: .::Cubic Cherry ::. – (Kreao Kjisawa) – 15{Comfy afternoon} yocchan – RARE @ The Seasons Story
Teddy Bear: Stockholm&Lima: – (Surrealia Anatine) – Princess Suite Big Teddy Bear [A]
Coloring Book: Stockholm&Lima: – (Surrealia Anatine) – Failed Adulting Coloring Book @ The Epiphany
Candy: Stockholm&Lima: – (Surrealia Anatine) – Failed Adulting Candy Glasses @ The Epiphany
Pillows: .::Cubic Cherry ::. – (Kreao Kjisawa) –12{Comfy afternoon} pillows A @ The Seasons Story
Rug: .::Cubic Cherry ::. – (Kreao Kjisawa) – 09{Comfy afternoon} carpet B @ The Seasons Story
Rug/Blue: Stockholm&Lima: – (Surrealia Anatine) – Failed Adulting Floor Rug @ The Epiphany

Pose: Kirin Poses

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