The days have worn away.

I recently cleared my land ( as I tend to do wayyyy too often ) but prior to destroying everything I had set up the new houses from Dust Bunny available at The Arcade.

I snapped a few pics just because I really liked the set up, even if it was short-lived.

The days have worn away.

Both of these builds are rare gacha items, but really worth it. Her gachas are always amazing.

The rest of the credits can be found below ❤

dust bunny . – (lxlNoel) – acorn treehouse . RARE @ The Arcade
dust bunny . – (lxlNoel) –  auburn treehouse . RARE @ The Arcade
{anc} – (Aki69) – cotton bunny. sugar [A] 1Li // Low Li ver
:CP: – ( Isla Gealach) – Boho Dreamtime Canopy
:CP:– ( Isla Gealach) – Boho Dreamtime Hammock (Adult) w/stand
{what next} – (Winter Thorn) – Amberley Floor Lantern (plain candle)
{what next} – (Winter Thorn) – Amberley Decorative Guitar
:CP: ( Isla Gealach) – Southern Porch Rocking Chair (Adult)
dust bunny . – (lxlNoel) – beach towel tote . floral
{what next} – (Winter Thorn) – Amberley Straw Hat Decor
*ionic* – (Lakua Arriaga) – Summer Bike

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