Developing from the negatives.

I set up this darkroom area about a week ago and have been trying to figure out exactly how I wanted to do a photo since. I finally did something with it today.

Developing from the negatives.

This whole darkroom set is available at the Xiasumi School Festival from Fancy Decor. I have a bit of an obsession with all things photography (more so in RL than SL even) so this set was a must for me – but I am also a bit of a decor collector.

All the rest of the credits are below ❤

→ Skin: Glam Affair – (Aida Ewing)  – Sia Skin ( Fairy Tales ) – Asia
→ Hair: TRUTH HAIR – (Truth Hawks) – Bexley
→ Outfit: *katat0nik* – (Katat0nik Pidgeon) –  (Black) – Spoopy Nurse @ Xiasumi School Festival
→ Ring 1: .Pekka. – (Kathya Szczepanski) – Infinity ring – Right – Silver
→ Ring 2:  Izzie’s – (Izzie Button) – Initials Love Ring


Skybox: Glam Affair – (Aida Ewing) – Miko Skybox @ Xiasumi School Festival
Light: Fancy Decor – (Jake Vordun) – Darkroom Light @ Xiasumi School Festival
Drying Rack: Fancy Decor – (Jake Vordun) – Drying Rack @ Xiasumi School Festival
Enlarger: Fancy Decor – (Jake Vordun) – Film Enlarger @ Xiasumi School Festival
Work Bench: Fancy Decor – (Jake Vordun) – Workbench @ Xiasumi School Festival
Stool: Fancy Decor – (Jake Vordun) – Wire Stool @ Xiasumi School Festival
Paper Stack: Fancy Decor – (Jake Vordun) – Photo Paper Stack @ Xiasumi School Festival
Film Strips: Fancy Decor – (Jake Vordun) – Film Strips @ Xiasumi School Festival
Camera: [Cosmic Dust] – (Bodytothestars) – Vintage SLR Camera RARE @ Xiasumi School Festival
Mug: [Cosmic Dust] – (Bodytothestars) – I Shoot People Mug @ Xiasumi School Festival
Film Cans: Fancy Decor – (Jake Vordun) – Film Canisters @ Xiasumi School Festival
Tray: Fancy Decor – (Jake Vordun) – Tray 2 @ Xiasumi School Festival
Tray: Fancy Decor – (Jake Vordun) – Tray 4 @ Xiasumi School Festival
Tray: Fancy Decor – (Jake Vordun) – Tray 3 @ Xiasumi School Festival
Tray; Fancy Decor – (Jake Vordun) – Tray 1 @ Xiasumi School Festival
Chemicals: Fancy Decor – (Jake Vordun) – Photo Chemicals @ Xiasumi School Festival
Photo Book: [Cosmic Dust] – (Bodytothestars) – Memories Photo Book @ Xiasumi School Festival

Pose: Kirin – Kimono Poses 2  @ Xiasumi School Festival

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