Considering just flipping to no chatter and just listing credits.
Not sure if it will make a difference or not, but sometimes I have absolutely nothing to say 🙂


Credits below ❤


→ Skin: Glam Affair – (Aida Ewing)  – Sia Skin ( Fairy Tales ) – Asia
*previously at c88.
→ Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ – (M4ri1yn Magic) – Liebe hair @ Love is in the Air
→ Hair flowers: +Half-Deer+ – (Halogen Magic) – Forest’s Tale – Flower Crown
→ Dress: [Decoy] (Annette Voight) – Mallory Dress – Sky @ Collabor88
→ Bunny: +Half-Deer+ – (Halogen Magic) – Forest’s Tale – Choco Flutterbun RARE
→ Necklace: +Half-Deer+ – (Halogen Magic) – Forest’s Tale – Heart Key Necklace – White
→ Bracelet: +Half-Deer+ – (Halogen Magic) – Forest’s Tale – Petals and Pearls Bracelet – White
→ Shoes: Fri. (Darling Monday) – Marsali.Flats (Antique) – Slink @ Collabor88
→ Pose: Everglow


4 thoughts on “2.11.15

  1. anything worth doing is worth overdoing; wherever you go, go with all your heart; above and beyond; well, you get the idea. however you decide to continue, if that is you should decide to continue, will always be your choice and that is fine as always; everyone has a choice but a little something extra with whatever you offer is always nice; a lil chatter on your platter so to speak. whether or not you decide to flip is up to you but remember that you have fans and anything that you can do, no matter how insignificant it may seem or how unappreciated you might feel, is very much so enjoyed. i’m a guy, i’m online quite a bit and i’m on the grid as well. i game lots and do other things online professionally as well and your blog is kinda like a little treat for me now and then throughout the day. a random thing that appears in my email box and says hey, ‘take a quick break’ and go see Brandi and maybe she’ll have something to say, something different or better than the last time; maybe not but always a welcome distraction from whatever i am, your fans are, doing at the moment. you are unique in that you’re well spoken and informative, your blog is well maintained and coherent and at the same time you have the ability to remain personable, interesting and well… cute. all of this goes a long way and of course, as you already know, however many or few the skills you have sharpened here you can and will take with you wherever you go in life, second or otherwise. we all have the right to decide where we will be in life tomorrow and whether you chatter to me or not is irrelevant but someone else might be looking forward to it. 🙂

    – one of your fans.

    • Ah welp! You just made my day Mr.
      Thank you for not only taking the time to reply but to actually go into depth with it. It was lovely to see when I got home 🙂
      I am kinda still sorting myself out I guess, just know I have been much less active lately and trying to fix things. Maybe I will just give everything a giant makeover and see if it revives my mojo. 😛
      Or maybe I just had a bad morning and this was a pouty fit. Either way, your comment was much appreciated. ❤

      • mhm. do whatever it is that you enjoy in life and make no apologies. everything else after that falls right into place. you’ll see. 🙂

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