I recently finished furnishing my entire “fall home” and while I do want to blog the entire thing I realized doing it all at once would be entirely too much. I am going to start today though with the exterior, tomorrow the back of the house area, and then move on to the inside. Will probably space them out so it’s not always house, house, house.


I picked this build up awhile ago and it’s still one of my favorites. Perfect size for what I prefer when it comes to SL builds. 😀

I decorated the front with a lot of fall themed things, and this cute little ( I think it’s meant to be spooky 😛 ) cat from Ispachi.


You can see a close up of the cat here, it’s adorable.

Credits are below, and I am going to include some of the landscaping items since people sometimes ask 🙂


→ Build: L2 – (Lindini2 Lane) – Studio Barton Creek House Only

→ Pillars: L2 – (Lindini2 Lane) – (mesh) Sq END PILLAR for wall Barton Creek
*came with the house.
→ Cement in Grass: L2 – (Lindini2 Lane) – (mesh) LONG tile PATIO piece
*came with the house.
→ Pumpkins: :CP: – (Isla Gealach) – Chloe’s Pumpkins @ N- Twenty1
→ Swing: [PM]Pixel Mode – (Tya Fallingbridge) – Harvest Bench Dark – Adult @ FaMESHed
→ Cans by Door: :CP: – (Isla Gealach) – Chloe’s Milk Can Willows @ N- Twenty1
→ Metal Pumpkin: MudHoney – (Rayvn Hynes) – Metal Pumpkin small silver @ TLC
→ Metal Pumpkin: MudHoney – (Rayvn Hynes) – Metal Pumpkin med silver @ TLC
→ Metal Pumpkin: MudHoney – (Rayvn Hynes) – Metal Pumpkin big silver @ TLC
→ Metal Pumpkin: MudHoney – (Rayvn Hynes) – Rustic Welcome Sign @ TLC
→ Cat: ISPACHI – (Andred Qinan) – [TIDDLES] @ L’amitie Fall Market
→ Welcome Mat: [Brixley] – (Isabelle Requiem) – Key Door Mat

Landscaping Stuff

→ Shrub/Bushes: [we’re CLOSED] (Wendy Xeno) – shrub 02 summer XL
→ Willow Trees: 3D Trees – (Nadine Reverie) – Weeping Willow – AUTUMN
→ Other Trees: Heart – (Lilith Heart) – Giant Forest Oak Trees
→ Tiny Leaf Tree: Heart – (Lilith Heart) – Forest Sapling 2 – Autumn
→ Sim Surround: YOSEMITE – (Sominel Edelman) – SILVER Sim Surround Environment 5.2


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