Stockholm & Lima – The Arcade

Another Arcade sneak peek today.

I had the pleasure of photographing the entire Rustic Barn Party set from Stockholm & Lima available for The Arcade – September 1st.

Stockholm & Lima - Rustic Holiday Barn

The barn is one of the rare items ( the other rares being a fully color change version of the commons ) and I really love this build. The barn includes animated mesh blowing curtains, doors that open and close as well as exterior lights that turn on and off. It is also materials enabled.

You can see the animated mesh curtains here: ( please choose the option at the top after clicking the link to view it in the MP4 format as the regular GIF looks quite terrible quality wise….but it’s just a simple screen cap, no fancy editing ) Animated Mesh Curtains.

In addition to the barn there are colored ” collections ” to win to decorate for barn parties 😀

I am using the Festive color set in my photos and everything shown is part of the arcade gacha set.
(table, chairs, hay seats, ribbon candles and lantern lights).

Barn Party

You can see all the sets here – on the Stockholm & Lima flickr – and be sure to check out The Arcade when it opens ❤

All the specific details below:


→ Barn: Stockholm&Lima: – (Surrealia Anatine) – Old Rustic Barn * RARE* @ The Arcade – 9.1.14
→ Pier by Barn: {Vespertine} – (Amelie Knelstrom) – Skippin Stone Dock /Driftwood
→ Raft: :Cheeky Pea: – (Isla Gealach) – Nairn Summer Raft
→ Party Stuff:
Stockholm&Lima: – (Surrealia Anatine) – Party Table @ The Arcade – 9.1.14
Stockholm&Lima: – (Surrealia Anatine) – Paper Party Lamps @ The Arcade – 9.1.14
Stockholm&Lima: – (Surrealia Anatine) – Party Chair @ The Arcade – 9.1.14
Stockholm&Lima: – (Surrealia Anatine) – Streamer Candles @ The Arcade – 9.1.14


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