A new monthly event started yesterday – Uber.

This event packs a pretty fantastic line up and I went a little crazy there. >.>
Just going to highlight some of the home/decor items today though, as I picked up a house and several other things in addition to lots of clothes.

The new Staniel Cay house from Fanatik is meant to be Bahamas inspired however I stuck it in the grassy mess I call my yard and I think it still looks quite nice:


The house is fully customizable and comes with 6 colors that you can change via HUD. This includes the walls, doors/windows, and shutter border and bases all re-colorable individually.

I also got a little wooden table and some watermelon from Zigana:


TP to Uber to check out all the other awesome things too ❤

Credits below.


→ Build: :Fanatik Architecture: – (Michell Tomsen) – STANIEL CAY @ Uber

→ Branch Pergola: Zigana . – (Nalena Fairey) – Branch pergola @ Uber
→ Table: Zigana . – (Nalena Fairey) – Long garden table @ Uber
→ Chairs: Zigana . – (Nalena Fairey) – Wooden tip up @ Uber
→ Watermelon: Zigana . – (Nalena Fairey) – Watermelon slices plate @ Uber
→ Mice: +Half-Deer+ – (Halogen Magic) – Mr. Mousie – Warm Tones
→ Ice Cream: Kuro – (Luana Dawg)  – Have Ice Cream

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