I took today’s pictures almost a week ago – it’s more Summerfest stuff.

I have however been a bit absent due to some RL things that are not really set to pass by for a bit, so bear with me please ❤

Regardless, I did some beachy photos and decided to finally post them.

Lost at Sea

I could probably take pictures with these hedgehogs daily – and I have used them several times already, but I felt they looked cute accompanying the Mish Mish mermaids.

Also, Zaara has amazing bathing suits at Summerfest. They look so realistic to me *.*


Anyways, to the credits, I am off to spend some time with my family.


→ Skin: -Glam Affair – (Aida Ewing) – Cassia – America – 05  @ Summerfest
→ Hair: *Alice Project* – (AliceProject) – Kemma  @ Summerfest
→ Bathing Suit:  Zaara  – (Zaara Kohime) –  Latika swimsuit *bordeaux* @ Summerfest

→ Boat: pizza’s & tarte. sailbed (nautical) RARE @ Summerfest
→ Hedgehogs:  !Ohmai – Hedgehogs – Sandy  @ Summerfest
!Ohmai: Cool Hedgehog (Rez) [Sandy]
!Ohmai: Squirt Hedgehog (Rez) [Sandy]
→ Mer-People: *MishMish * – Mermaid & Merboy @ Summerfest
*MishMish* Mermaid – Coral
*MishMish* Merboy – Emerald


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