Belleza – Suki

The Arcade is less than a week away – 5 days to be exact 😮

Belleza has a new skin that will be available on June 1st – Suki!

Belleza - Suki

I did post process the image above so the rest of my pictures will be raw and completely unedited aside from cropping:

Suki is available in lots of tones as you can see above and 3 eyebrow options per tone ( Brown, Black and Red). Hair bases are also included as well as one lip-gloss option per makeup. The 3 listed first are the rares ( I also used a rare in the first large photo ) but I do like how lots of the make-ups are not overly done and crazy.

Here is the official contact sheet:

The Arcade will open June 1st 2014 but if you would like to stay up to date with all the other vendors and such you can visit the official website – here. 🙂


→ Skin: Belleza – (Shyla Diggs) – Suki @ The Arcade – June 1st 2014
→ Hair (in large photo) : [Due] –  (Dubled) – Lulu
→ Head Band: RO – (AxsisThorn) – Atlantis Headband – Ahoy! (No Bandana)
→ Teeth: [PXL] –  (Hart Larsson) – OpenMouth PRO Teeth v2.0
→ Hair ( in small photos) : Exile:: – (Kavar Cleanslate) – Bad Reputation Natural Fusion 2
→ Eyes: IKON – (Ikon Innovia) – Promise Eyes

→ Pose (in large photo) – . Infiniti . – Handy


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