Stockholm & Lima

There is a new store which just opened – Stockholm & Lima.

Stockholm & Lima is a furniture store… with a twist! The furniture caters to the adult crowds with unique animations that you won’t find in other furniture. The animations are meant to cater more towards D/S style relationships, all while keeping the furniture cute and modern enough to use in all the current builds and houses on the grid.

One of my favorite items is the “Butterfly Capture Box” shown below:

...but she had wings.

You can pick from several poses, some in display mode and some in capture mode where you wiggle all about.
Another unique feature with all the furniture at Stockholm & Lima is the auto rezzing props. For example, in the butterfly box you can select to have a blindfold or a gag rez and they attach to your avatar automatically. No need to wear/attach them…when you are done they simply go away.

Matching with the Butterfly Box is the spanking bench (shown above) and the bed and mirror shown below:

The Butterfly Bedroom - Stockholm & Lima

There are several other sets available including a couch, tables and even a fancy tea party set. The tea party table I hope to blog in the future but it is pretty neat because it rezzes table scenes (teas and cupcakes) and then all of the stuff automatically gets knocked over during certain animations 😛 It’s a very nice added detail.

Be sure to visit Stockholm & Lima, can never have too much furniture!

To the details:


Home/Furniture Items

→ Build: *bbqq* (oMiluo) – humble abode
→ Bed: Stockholm&Lima – (Surrealia Anatine) – Butterfly Bed
→ Wall Art Photo Collage: *ionic* (Lakua Arriaga) – Is it a dream?
→ Hanging Hearts: A.D.D.Andel! (Andel Rhiadra) – Hanging Wire Hearts-Gold/Silver
→ Plant: Moon’s Creations – (TranquilMoonDancer Timeless) – Mesh Hanging Plant 2
→ Fan: [*Art Dummy!] (Gala Charron) – breeze. (tripod fan white-with sound)
→ Dresser: *ionic* (Lakua Arriaga) – el armarito
→ Little Robot: Gummies – (Kouralee) – Roboto Girl @ Kustom9
→ Little Robot 2: Gummies – (Kouralee) – Roboto Boy  @ Kustom9
→ Mirror: Stockholm&Lima: – (Surrealia Anatine) – Butterfly Mirror
→ Butterfly Picture: Hideki (Hideki Carami) – Butterfly Taxidermy
→ Drapes: Pure Country Designs – (Sable Greenwood) – Drapes White
→ Shelves: *ionic* – (Lakua Arriaga) – lumieres dans la nuit
→ Flowers: AF – (Warehousefifteendesigns) – Calla Lilies
→ String Lights: [*Art Dummy!] (Gala Charron) – shine. (string lights)
→ Rug: [*Art Dummy!] – (Gala Charron) – bliss. (dots and stripes rug) 2.0
→ Bench: Stockholm&Lima: – (Surrealia Anatine) – Butterfly Spanking Bench
→ Pony: ~silentsparrow~ – (hyasynth Tiramisu) – (Meadow) Pwnie Floppy
→ Books: -tb- (Julliette Westerburg) – Bon Voyage – Books
→ Shelf: *ionic*  – (Lakua Arriaga) – i am happy (shelf)
→ Capture Box: Stockholm&Lima: – (Surrealia Anatine) – Butterfly Capture Box
→ Phone Table: *ionic*  – (Lakua Arriaga) – Waiting for your call
→ Bunny: *ionic* – (Lakua Arriaga) –  conejita


→ Skin: -Glam Affair (Aida Ewing) – Brandi – America
→ Hair: TRUTH HAIR – (Truth Hawks) – Esperanza
→ Outfit: ~ Soedara~ –  (Marbella Pronovost) – Berhawa-Nafsu {Cute}
→ Cuffs: Stockholm&Lima – (Surrealia Anatine) – Pleated Cuffs
→ Pose: Part of the capture box.


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