Herb Garden

Sari-Sari has a cute herb garden set available TODAY for The Neighborhood.

Herb Garden

The set will be discounted today only (24 hours) and then after that will be normal price.


→ Herb Garden Set: Sari-Sari (stupidmonkey) – Herb Garden for The Neighbourhood – May 3
→ Weasels:  HPMD* –  (Sasaya Kayo) – Weasel – brown(S) v1.0
→ Crates: {vespertine} (Amelie Knelstrom) – Crate simple.
→ Ladder: [we’re CLOSED] – (Wendy Xeno) – old ladder dark
→ Wheel Barrow: Seven Emporium  (Agustkov) – Yard Mule Cart
→ Lawn Mower: Seven Emporium – (Agustkov) – Old Mower

→ Plants/Shrubs:
[we’re CLOSED] – (Wendy Xeno) – Dry weeds
[we’re CLOSED]  – (Wendy Xeno) – Shrub 02 summer
[we’re CLOSED]  – (Wendy Xeno) – Branch summer


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