Birdwatchers Nest

Vespertine recently released a few new items available at The Season’s Story.
This event runs for about another week so be sure to head over before it closes.

Into The Woods

I love the garden gates and I am very happy she included a mossy version since I tend to favor things that look aged or worn. These gates come in non mossy as well as several color options. I am using the iron version in my photos.

The Birdwatchers Nest is also new and it is a cute tree house type of build that is relatively small and perfect for a little hideaway:

Birdwatchers Nest

To the details – I am off to make dinner.


Landscaping Items ( mostly in fence photo ) :

→ Giant Rock Platform: :Fanatik Architecture: (Kendra Zaurak) – Rocky Island Summer
→ Road: Studio Skye (Alex Bader) – Rustic Road
→ Ivy Trees: 3D Trees- (Nadine Reverie) – mossy double oak with ivy
→ Other Trees: [we’re CLOSED] – (Wendy Xeno) – Summer Trees
→ Bushes:  [we’re CLOSED] (Wendy Xeno) – shrub 02 summer
→ Gate: {Vespertine} – (Amelie Knelstrom) – moss enchanted garden gate -iron @ The Season’s Story
→ Gate Sides: {Vespertine} – (Amelie Knelstrom) – moss garden gate- fence left side -iron @ The Season’s Story

Strutural Items: – (around tree house) :

→ Build/Treehouse: {Vespertine} – (Amelie Knelstrom) – Birdwatcher Nest @ The Season’s Story
→ Black Birds: Baffle! – (Samantha Smadga) – 3 birds on floor
*no longer available. 
→ Crates: {Vespertine} – (Amelie Knelstrom) – Crate simple.
→ Side Ladder: Zigana (Nalena Fairey) – Ladder
→ Blue Birds: HPMD* (Sasaya Kayo) – Little Birds — sky blue — type B
→ Path Tiles: {Vespertine} – (Amelie Knelstrom) – Tile skipping path/plain @ The Season’s Story
→ Awning:  [we’re CLOSED] – (Wendy Xeno) – awning natural
→ Campfire:  [we’re CLOSED] – (Wendy Xeno) – campfire
→ Stool:  [we’re CLOSED] – (Wendy Xeno) – knit stool dark
→ Birds on Brach: Nordari (Jordan Giant) – and.birds


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