2.28.14 – Sheep!

This will be my last post before The Arcade is officially open at midnight *.*

Half Deer has 2 machines at The Arcade and will be offering Aventine Horns and Kerfluffle Sheep!

I am wearing a pair of the horns in my photo if you can manage to get past the insane amount of cute that comes from the sheep 😛

Mother of Sheep.

Here is some last-minute handy Arcade information for those of you that might need it as well:

Official Website: http://thearcadesl.com/
Shopping Guide: http://thearcadesl.com/shopping-guides/march-2014/

Join the in world group to obtain the pre-loader HUD to help load the vendor ads in advance.
*this group is also used to trade but you must request a chat role via notecard as per the group charter.

Arcade SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Country%20Club/166/241/3115
Off-Sim Shopping Boat SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Casablanca%20Bay/57/114/3109

I plan to go completely invisible/full body alpha as any little bit helps to reduce the lag – Happy Gatcha’ing! <33

Here’s all sheepy details:


Outfit –
→ Skin: -Glam Affair (Aida Ewing) – Aria @ The Arcade  – 3.1.2014
→ Hair: Clawtooth – (Bubbles Clawtooth) – Fancy Free – Girl Next Door @ The Arcade  – 3.1.2014
→ Horns: +Half-Deer+ – (Halogen Magic) – Aventine Horns – Sakura
→ Dress: *{Junbug}* – (Juno Mantel) – Ariela in Blush + Ivory @ The Fantasy Collective
→ Staff: +Half-Deer+ – (Halogen Magic) – Kerfluffle Sheep – Shepherd’s Staff (Wear) RARE @ The Arcade  – 3.1.2014

Scene –
→ Fence: *~MMG’s~* – (Masomaso Quan) – Fence-Random-Long_P-Dirty White
→ Stumps: 3D Trees (Nadine Reverie) – Stumps Linked
→ Kerfluffle Sheep: +Half-Deer+ – (Halogen Magic) – Kerfluffle Sheep @ The Arcade – 3.1.2014
+Half-Deer+ Kerfluffle Sheep – Mr. Bubbles
+Half-Deer+ Kerfluffle Sheep – Blackjack
+Half-Deer+ Kerfluffle Sheep – Artist
+Half-Deer+ Kerfluffle Sheep – Pinto
+Half-Deer+ Kerfluffle Sheep – Strawberry RARE
+Half-Deer+ Kerfluffle Sheep – Choco Milk
+Half-Deer+ Kerfluffle Sheep – Lavender
+Half-Deer+ Kerfluffle Sheep – Bubblegum
+Half-Deer+ Kerfluffle Sheep – Marshmallow
+Half-Deer+ Kerfluffle Sheep – Daisy
+Half-Deer+ Kerfluffle Sheep – Starlight
+Half-Deer+ Kerfluffle Sheep – Blossom
+Half-Deer+ Kerfluffle Sheep – Chantilly
+Half-Deer+ Kerfluffle Sheep – Ganache
+Half-Deer+ Kerfluffle Sheep – Powder Blue
+Half-Deer+ Kerfluffle Sheep – Nutmeg
+Half-Deer+ Kerfluffle Sheep – Sea Song
+Half-Deer+ Kerfluffle Sheep – Key Lime
+Half-Deer+ Kerfluffle Sheep – Apricot
+Half-Deer+ Kerfluffle Sheep – Blackberry RARE


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