2.28.14 – Bookworm’s Nest

The Arcade opens tonight at midnight! – If you haven’t already joined the in world group I suggest you do that and get the pre-loader HUD that is available to help with loading all the gacha ads ahead of time.

On to my post though, which I just so happen to love today. *.*

{Vespertine} is easily one of my top favorite decor/build stores – and the gacha that Amelie is offering up this round for the Arcade is no exception. The textures are fantastic ( I love worn/warm woods and dark colors ) and the items are able to be used as a set or individually. Without further rambling – The Bookworm’s Nest:

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies...

Bookworm's Nest

I have worked in some other items from other stores because I enjoyed setting up these scene, but 90% of the items are from {Vespertine}. You can see all the individual items for the specific Bookworm’s Nest gacha HERE on Amelie’s flickr.

On to the credits as decor posts always take me awhile 😛


→ Build: {vespertine} –  (Amelie Knelstrom) – Bookstore Building – RARE @ The Arcade – 3.1.2014
w/ {vespertine – bookstorehanging sign for store }

→ * ALL of the following items are from The Bookworm’s Nest Gacha @ The Arcade:

{vespertine – book of dreamer.} – RARE
{vespertine – book of scientist.}
{vespertine – book of tale lover.}
{vespertine – book vending machine/touch!} – RARE
{vespertine – bookcart for her}
{vespertine – bookcart for wizard}
{vespertine – bookcase unit 1.light}
{vespertine – bookcase unit 1.}
{vespertine – bookcase unit 2. light}
{vespertine – bookcase unit 2.}
{vespertine – bookstacks}
{vespertine – bookstore cashdesk}
{vespertine – bookstore chair -calm }
{vespertine – green suitcase books}
{vespertine – notebook display}
{vespertine – postcard stand}
{vespertine -key hanging mobile}
{vespertine -used suitcase books}

* Other items shown in scene:

Zigana – ( Nalena Fairey) – Side table .dark
!Ohmai – (Anya Ohmai) – : Acorn Coffee @ Atelier Kreslo
Zigana – ( Nalena Fairey) – Branch light . boho RARE * Gacha in store. 
Zigana – ( Nalena Fairey) – grandpapa`s ski`s
Kuro – (Luana Dawg) – Feels like heaven (pillows)
Zooby – (Carrie Tatsu) – Black Cat
{vespertine} –  (Amelie Knelstrom) –  -nils floor cushion /leather /deco  @ The Men’s Dept
{vespertine} –  (Amelie Knelstrom) – daily chalkboard/ think version
{vespertine} –  (Amelie Knelstrom) – daily chalkboard/ today version
[Ink] – (Nontroppo Torii) – Plain curtain ::S
{vespertine} –  (Amelie Knelstrom) – anthropologie lamp 03- yellow
{vespertine} –  (Amelie Knelstrom) -nils floor cushion /khaki /deco  @ The Men’s Dept
Zigana – ( Nalena Fairey) – Rug . naturel


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