Glam Affair – Aria

Arcade sneak peek!

Glam Affair has a brand new skin that will be available at The Arcade on March 1st 2014 – Aria.

It will be available only in the Asia skin tone but appliers are included!

This skin is pretty unique in the fact that you can win a bare version with no brows as well as TONS of add ons. There are the regular 12 “combination skins” that are a random mixture of noses, brows, lips and make-ups – I am showing all those individually:



Glam Affair - Aria

It’s crazy how different combinations of parts can make me look so different even using the same shape for each photo.

In addition to those 12 makeup/combos there is a bare face with no brows ( I like to think of it as a blank canvas ) that is perfect for all the add-on options you can win.

There are 3 noses and 3 different types of lips – the lips also have a 10 shades of lipstick per lip type:

You can see the lipsticks here ( on Aida’s Flickr ) as well as some of the additional add-ons like freckles/moles and all the different eyebrow options.

Some other things not shown are eye circles, face light options ( added highlights to the face), eyeliners, lashes and lip glosses. There really are TONS of options which offers you the ability to create your very own unique face.

I have done that here:

Glam Affair - Aria

I used several different tattoo options above, such as the Cosmo lips, nose #2 and a lash add-on and as you can see I look much different from the other combo skins. I love the option to “build your own face” lol.

Here is the official ad for the Aria gacha so you can see what is rare ( eyebrows, lipsticks & skin base ) and pick out your favorites!

The Arcade will open March 1st 2014 – Keep your eyes out for the shopping guide which will show all the items available – but for now you can check out the line up on the official website: March 2014 – Arcade Line-Up. 


→ Skin: -Glam Affair – (Aida Ewing) – Aria @ The Arcade – March 1st 2014

→ Hair –
1-4: TRUTH HAIR – (Truth Hawks) – Esperanza
5-8: Clawtooth – (Bubbles Clawtooth) – Cozy Cutie
9-12: Magika  -(Sabina Gully) –  [03] Shade
Pink large pic: TRUTH HAIR – (Truth Hawks) – Rowan

→ Corset: Blueberry – (blueberryxx) – Kristy *Mesh* Zipped Bustier Top – Black
→ Necklace: ISON – (Harry Hyx) – Nova Tribe Necklace (Gunmetal) @ Collabor88
→ Necklace 2: Cute Poison –  (Sae Luan) – Archaic Necklace – Black
→ Eyes (all) : IKON – (Ikon Innovia) – Promise Eyes
→ Tattoo: Letis Tattoo – (Leti Hax) – :: LOVE & HATE Sleeve


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