1.3.14 – Onward!

My first post of 2014!

I have been pretty sick in RL lately so I am a bit behind and moving in super slow motion. Hopefully that will go away soon but for now I am on week 2 of battling a sinus infection and recurring migraine >.<

That aside though I have been dressed like a weasel the past few days in SL, which looking at all the cuteness makes me happy 😛


This picture contains mostly gacha items so if you hate gachas I’M SORRY, but I tend to have a weakness for them.

Here’s all the details:


→ Weasel Avatars: Alchemy –  The Incredible Mr. Weasely – Avatar- Night & Carrot @ OMGacha * Gacha Items
→ Weasel in Pink: Alchemy – The Incredible Mr.Weasely – Winter Knit – Pink @ OMGacha * Gacha Items
→ Weasel in Suit: Alchemy – The Incredible Mr.Weasely – Raggedy Man – White @ OMGacha * Gacha Items

→ Yaks: +Half-Deer+ – Winter Yak’s @ The Garden * Gacha Items
*do not contain poses, a pose stand was used to mimic sitting.

→ Flying Toast: *Epic* – Mr. Toasty Moustache! {Baby Pink} &  {Faun} @ OMGacha * Gacha Items

→ Bunny on Head: {Mango Cheeks} Bun Head Warmer: White w/ Pink Bow – RARE @ OMGacha * Gacha Items


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