Glam Affair – Kaelyn

I have been slacking a little lately….but bear with me, I am currently trying to find new land in SL so I am a tad homeless lol. I am squeezing out this post before the sim I live on is officially gone 😦


Glam Affair has yet another new skin – Kaelyn.

This is a FULL release skin so it comes in all skin tones from Artic to Africa – not just one tone like most of the event releases. So no matter what shade you wear you can pick up your favorite. I am wearing it in the America tone.

I believe this skin will be released tomorrow ❤

Glam Affair - Kaelyn

I did a collage version to show all make-ups as well as the new Tableau Vivant hair that is currently at Collabor88:

Glam Affair - Kaelyn

This skin has a lot of options too. One of my favorite things about the Glam skins lately is the nose/lip options… I find myself using them often. This skin comes with 6 different lips ( the default and 5 tattoo layers) and 4 noses ( the default and 3 tattoo layers). They can make a dramatic difference to the appearance of the skin so it is always fun to mix and match.

In addition to the noses and lips there are also 4 freckle options on tattoo layers as well as 8 eyebrow colors per make-up.

Be sure to try a demo for yourself as soon as it is released!


In large single photo:

→ Skin: -Glam Affair  (Aida Ewing)  – Kaelyn – America * Coming Soon. 
→ Dress/Hood: Exile::– ( Kavar Cleanslate) – First Snow: 9.Extremes @ The Arcade

In collage photos:

→ Skin: -Glam Affair  (Aida Ewing)  – Kaelyn – America * Coming Soon. 
→ Hair w/ Hat:  ~Tableau Vivant~ – ( M4ri1yn Magic ) – Noel Hair @ Collabor88
→ Bra: [Cynful] – ( Cynthia Ultsch ) – Deliciosa – Black
→ Vest: ISON – (Harry Hyx) – Raw hide vest (black) @ Collabor88
→ Necklace: MG – (Maxi Gossamer) – Necklace – Sparkly Rocker
→ Bracelets: MG – (Maxi Gossamer) – Bangles – Damasc – SILVER


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