12.10.13 – Dream Big

Doing something a bit different today and using a kid avy in this post. I figured it doesn’t really matter since I am blogging the decor anyway.

I was originally using my adult self but I liked it a lot more once I tried it this way…it’s kind of like a little girl dreaming of becoming a princess one day 😛

Dream Big

I have been wanting to blog the items from O.M.E.N available at the Arcade for a while and finally thought of this idea to show them off. I got EXTREMELY lucky with this machine and got all the rares without playing much…still not sure how that happened…but regardless these little castles are gorgeous. The detail is insane and they are re-sizable if you have a lot of extra prims you can make them huge ( since with mesh, the LI goes up if you re-size) but by default they are only 2-3 land impact.

The Arcade runs til the end of the month and with everything there being transfer (Christmas is right around the corner)  they make great gifts!

Here’s all the details:


→ Build: *Ionic* – (Lakua Arriaga) – Another winter night – RARE *Gacha @ The Chapter Four 
→ Cabinet: Zigana . – (Nalena Fairey) – My Hidden Place @ Collabor88
→ Chair: Zigana .  – (Nalena Fairey) – Winter Chair. – Neutral @ Collabor88
→ Fox 1: ~silentsparrow~ – (Hyasynth Tiramisu) – Foxy (Hue) Fire  Elemen-tails! RARE @ The Arcade
→ Fox 2: ~silentsparrow~ – (Hyasynth Tiramisu) – Foxy (Smoke) Fire  Elemen-tails! @ The Arcade
→ Deer: ~silentsparrow~ – (Hyasynth Tiramisu) – Deer (Somber) Forest  Elemen-tails! @ The Arcade
→ Tent: :CP: – (Isla Gealach) – Mandy’s Blanket Fort
→ Castle: O.M.E.N – (Damascusvera) – My Fairytale – Aladdin’s Palace @ The Arcade
→ Castle: O.M.E.N – (Damascusvera) – My Fairytale – Cinderella’s Happy Ever – RARE @ The Arcade
→ Castle: O.M.E.N – (Damascusvera) – My Fairytale – Little Mermaid’s Undersea @ The Arcade
→ Castle: O.M.E.N – (Damascusvera) – My Fairytale – Captain Hook Ship – RARE @ The Arcade
→ Castle: O.M.E.N – (Damascusvera) – My Fairytale – Beauty & Beasts Castle @ The Arcade
→ Castle: O.M.E.N – (Damascusvera) – My Fairytale – Evil Queen’s Domain  – RARE @ The Arcade
→ Tree: O.M.E.N – (Damascusvera) – My Fairytale Ornament Tree – RARE @ The Arcade
→ Ornament: O.M.E.N – (Damascusvera) – My Fairytale – Frog & the Princess Ornament * Secret Rare @ The Arcade
→ Ornament: O.M.E.N – (Damascusvera) – My Fairytale – Aladdin Ornament @ The Arcade
→ Ornament: O.M.E.N – (Damascusvera) – My Fairytale – Little Mermaid Ornament @ The Arcade
→ Crown: O.M.E.N – (Damascusvera) – My Fairytale – Frog & the Princess Crown * Secret Rare @ The Arcade

Dream Big.
Reach high.
Don’t ever be afraid to spread your wings and fly.
With a heart full of faith a whole lotta luck and some love to see you through…
Dream big and it just might come true.

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