So I know I just blogged a house yesterday… but I have already set up another one. :O

Home - 12.6.13

I am using the Frostbite Cottage from Trompe Loeil and I couldn’t be happier with it. I loveeeeeee smaller builds that are easy to decorate. I am however just going to post the exterior today. I did take photos of the interior too but due to the credits being so long I figured I would try to split exterior and interior.

Here are some more shots of the landscaping:

12.6.13 - Outside

And of course my favorite little penguins from The Arcade:


It’s almost midnight though and I plan to go finish my Christmas shopping tomorrow so I want to get up early!
For now I will just leave you with the details and the interior will come tomorrow ❤


→ House: Trompe Loeil – (Cory Edo) – Frostbite Cottage Gray V2 (snow version)

→ Sled by Door: Trompe Loeil – (Cory Edo) – Let It Snow Decorative Sled @ The Arcade
→ Lantern by Door: {what next} – (Winter Thorn) – Christmas Doorway Lantern 1
→ Silver Tree by Door: MudHoney – (Ravyn Hynes) – Metal Tree Topiary * Four Walls Hunt
→ Wreath on Door: [DDD] – ( Anke Hatchuk / Kalia Firelyte ) – Holiday Wreath

→ Gazebo: [ba] – (Barnesworth Anubis) – Snow Dusted Gazebo
→ Fire Pit in Gazebo: Bazar – (Riz Bazar) – Arizona fire pit
→ Couch in Gazebo : :::OBF::: – (Haruka Ackland) – Love Sofa
→ Wire Deer: Axo’s Fine Things – (Axolotl Icthan) – Twinkle Twinkle My Reindeer
→ Igloo: {what next} – (Winter Thorn) – Artic Igloo @ The Arcade
→ Penguin: *MishMish* – (Aime Takaaki) – Penguin Gacha – Fishing x2 @ The Arcade
→ Penguin: *MishMish* – (Aime Takaaki) – Penguin Gacha – Playing with cubes @ The Arcade
→ Penguin: *MishMish* – (Aime Takaaki) – Penguin Gacha – Sushi Master @ The Arcade

→ Cocoa Cart: {what next} – (Winter Thorn) – Cocoa-On-The-Go Cart

→ Snow People: Sari-Sari – (Stupidmonkey) – Snow Friends
– Pinky
– Flippy
– Happy
– Boozy

→ Cookie Tree: [CIRCA] – (Cherelle Capra) – “Village Holiday” Cookie Tree – Festive @ Christmas Market Event
→ Stick Deer: ISPACHI – (Diarmuid Miklos) – Mother and Child
→ Fox: +Half-Deer+ – (Halogen Magic) – Carved Woodland Animals (White Fox)


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