Home decor post today, my first set up for Christmas. 🙂

I have already done another one as well (so much trouble committing to a house lollll) but that build will be for another post. ❤

I set up my living room using some items from FaMESHed and The Arcade as well as tons of other cute things:


The couch is available at FaMESHed from Trompe Loeil and is texture change (a bunch of different colors and patterns) so you can be sure it matches to your current set up/color scheme.

I also set up a new little kitchen area using the new dining set from MudHoney at FaMESHed. I love the little place mats.

TONS of holiday items are packed into these 2 rooms, lots of new releases from a lot of great stores.

And before I forget, Erratic has a Hot Chocolate Bar set at The Arcade that I spent more L’s on than I want to admit trying to get all the pieces – darn gachas! But thanks to a few friends I was able to trade to get the rares I was missing and I finally completed the set.

Erratic - Hot Chocolate Bar

Enough rambling, I am sure everyone just wants the details anyways!

Hopefully I didn’t miss anything but as always feel free to ask/let me know if I did… I picked up some of the things before I remembered to jot down the credits and sometimes my memory fails me 😛


→ Build: [Barnesworth Anubis] – Santa Barbara Bungalow

→  Front Door Area:
Trompe Loeil – Let It Snow Decorative Sled @ The Arcade
MudHoney Metal Tree Topiary * Four Walls Hunt
[DDD] Holiday Wreath

→  Living Room:

[DDD] Lil’ Holiday Picture Tree
Kuro – Kitsch stool * The Challenge
:neigeux: Mesh Plant No.6[BR-BR]

Trompe Loeil – Star Tree @ The Arcade
fri. – Framed.Chalkboard (Merry)
fri. – Framed.Chalkboard (Let it Snow)
fri. – Framed.Chalkboard (It’s Cold)

Sari-Sari Black & White Christmas
Bazar – Arizona – Dining deco vase

Trompe Loeil – Ashdon Chair with Blanket
*MishMish* Tawny Owl
Trompe Loeil – Ashdon Fabric Screen Low
Trompe Loeil Ashdon Pillow Basket 2

floorplan. map chest / old
Trompe Loeil – Holiday Topiary @ The Arcade
Trompe Loeil – Bird On A Stick @ The Arcade

Trompe Loeil – Ashdon Coffee Table
Trompe Loeil – Tree Candleholder @ The Arcade
Sari-Sari – Weihnachtsteller * Four Walls Hunt
[DDD] Pinecone Votive Candle (Single)
{vespertine} – snowball/red @ The Arcade

{vespertine}– Starbead Curtain @ The Arcade
[DDD] Holiday Tree
[ba] gift box set – plaid and gold – 24 pieces
The Loft – B Frame
The Loft – D Frame
:neigeux: Mesh Plant No.8[BR-GR]
Trompe Loeil – Star Duo Ground Lamps Silver & White @ The Arcade

Creative Decay – Ever After Decal
*came with a house. 
{vespertine}-ornaments garland- copy/multi @ The Arcade

Trompe Loeil – Holiday Couch With Pillows @ FaMESHed

→ Kitchen/Dining Area: 

MudHoney Meredith Curtains (solids)
MudHoney Eva Rug @ FaMESHed
MudHoney Eva Dining Table @ FaMESHed
MudHoney Eva Centerpiece @ FaMESHed
MudHoney Eva Placemat @ FaMESHed
MudHoney Eva Dining Chair @ FaMESHed
Kuro – Strawberry santa
Bazar – Arizona – Dining Lamp

Kuro – Cookie tree * Four Walls Hunt
MudHoney Rug Cream Shag Winter
.encore. Wooden Wall Tree
[ARIA] Milano kitchen globe vases pair @ FaMESHed

Trompe Loeil – Retro Kitchen White
[ARIA] Milano kitchen deco dishes @ FaMESHed
[ARIA] Milano kitchen canisters @ FaMESHed
[ARIA] Milano potted mint @ FaMESHed
[ARIA] Milano kitchen deco condiments @ FaMESHed
[ARIA] Milano kitchen deco bowls A @ FaMESHed
[ARIA] Milano kitchen deco bowls B @ FaMESHed
[ARIA] Milano kitchen deco utensils @ FaMESHed
[ARIA] Milano kitchen decorative bowl @ FaMESHed
[ARIA] Milano kitchen light @ FaMESHed

→ Hot Chocolate Set-Up: 

Sari-Sari – Christmas Banner * Four Walls Hunt

erratic / home – chest of drawers @ The Arcade
erratic / home – waffle rolls @ The Arcade
erratic / home – assorted toppings @ The Arcade
erratic / home – candy canes @ The Arcade
erratic / home – marshmallow apothecary jar RARE @ The Arcade
erratic / home – frame RARE @ The Arcade
erratic / home – hot chocolate sticks RARE @ The Arcade
erratic / home – hot chocolate speciale RARE @ The Arcade
erratic / home – hot chocolate heart @ The Arcade
erratic / home – hot chocolate vanilla @ The Arcade
erratic / home – hot chocolate marshmallows @ The Arcade
erratic / home – hot chocolate cream @ The Arcade
erratic / home – milk jug @ The Arcade


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