11.24.13 – For The Birds.

Bringing you some more Geeks N Nerds things today, this time less of a gamer nerd and more on the book nerd side.
Lark has a “Bird Nerd” set available at Geeks N Nerds which is a nice change of pace from all the other things available.

I set up my front porch to turn it into a bird watching zone.

For The Birds

I also used the outfit from FatePlay (one of several available) and the shoes from Fri.day which are both Doctor Who themed ( I have never actually seen this show, so I don’t really get the hype, but I know lots of people love it!) I just happened to think the items were cute haha.

For The Birds - 2

I might post again later today but I am dealing with a migraine due to lack of sleep from my dog barking all night at the wind >.> so you never know ❤

On to the credits –



→ Skin: -Belleza- (Shyla Diggs) – Leila
→  Hair: TRUTH HAIR (Truth Hawks) – Marleen
→  Outfit: FATEplay(Damien Fate) – Karen – Crimson @ Geeks N Nerds
*includes Jacket, Shirt & Skirt.
→ Shoes: Fri.(Darling Monday) – Raggedy.Man Heels @ Geeks N Nerds


→  Binocular Thing: (NO) – ( Nylon Pinkney ) – Tourist Binoculars
→ Blue Birds: HPMD* – ( Sasaya Kayo ) – Little Birds — sky blue — type A & B
→ White Birds: . a i s l i n g . – ( Druunah Esharham) – Snow Bird
→ Bird Cage: =Zenith= – (Miffyhoi Rosca) – Kiosk Birdcage (Black)
→ Bird Watching Stuff/Desk: Lark – (Sienia Trevellion) – Bird Nerd – Full Set @ Geeks N Nerds
* I moved the picture frames to position them on the floor.


♪ Lyrical Inspiration…

We’ll stay until we want to…
That’s how it use to be.
We never fell apart.
We stay here until we want to…
Now we just sway.

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