10.8.13 – Witchcraft & Wizardry

Today’s post is full of magical things. 😛

I have been prepping this blog since the 1st of the month when 11th Hour released a Wizard’s Cupboard at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. However, with the recent opening of the Wizarding Faire my options blossomed and I set up a whole scene with all the great whimsical things.

I have also been looking for whatever reason possible to do a photo in the Magician’s Hats from Remarkable Oblivion:

Witchcraft & Wizardry

I had so much fun setting up the scene and shooting the above photo and I am happy with how it came out. There are tons of small details in this scene though so going to share a bunch of other pictures too!

The Wizarding Corner

First though, the “Free Elves” from OhMai Emporium for Wizarding Faire (that you can see above) are amazing! There are several options to pick from in regards to the Elf’s appearance and the elf comes with both an avatar option (you can BE the elf) or a pet option/rezzable option. I am using the rezzable option in my photos and I edited the limbs to pose him as I liked. An accessories pack is available for purchase as well, which includes a robe for your elf and books.

There is so much more to see in my little “Wizarding Corner” so here are some detail shots:

On to the credits now since posts with decor always take a long time 😛




→ Skin:  Essences – (Inka Mexicola) – Amaterasu *peche* brunette
→ Eyeshadow: Corvus – (Lori Stanton) – Deep Black Eyeshadow
→ Eyes: Dead Apples – (Soleil Reid) – Nebula – Ice
→ Hair: Magika – (Sabina Gully) –  Bliss
→ Robe: ::: B@R :::  – ( June Dion) – Master Robe *tinted/recolored
→ Hat: Remarkable Oblivion – (Axsisthorn) – Will o’ the wisp Magician Hat – RARE @ OMGacha

→ Robe: ::: B@R ::: – ( June Dion) – Master Robe *tinted/recolored
→ Hat:  Remarkable Oblivion – (Axsisthorn) – Twin Tails Magician Hat – RARE @ OMGacha
→ Little Pouch/Bag: Essences – ( Sash Arabello ) – The Magic Pouch @ Wizarding Faire



→ Spell Book w/ Stand: ~ A.D. ~ – (Autumn Palen) – Sibylline Magic Spell Book & Stand
→ Stacked Books: Refined Wild – (Khyle Sion) – Magician’s Texts – Book Pile – 02 –
→ Stack of Books w/ Floating Books: Lark  – (Sienia Trevellion) – Charms (Rez) (Books Animated) @ Wizarding Faire
→ Frog: ::BB:: – (Suetabulous Yootz) – Wizarding Phantom Toad B @ Wizarding Faire
→ Frog: ::BB:: – (Suetabulous Yootz) – Wizarding Chocolate Frog (RARE) @ Wizarding Faire
→ Little Wooden Boxes: * the frogs came in these… so frog box? lol @ Wizarding Faire
→ Floating Candles: Emma’s – (Emma Krokus) – Harry Potter Floating Candles
→ Table: Lark – (Sienia Trevellion) –  Halloween Dessert Table @ Candy Fair

→ Cupboard w/all random things: 11th Hour – (River Stromfield) – Wizards Cupboard @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
* gacha items – shown items include:
11th Hour: Wizard’s Cupboard – RARE
11th Hour: Wizard’s Mystic Night Crystal Ball – RARE
11th Hour: Resin Sacks
11th Hour: Dragon Liver Tin
11th Hour: i am Witch Book
11th Hour: Frog Legs Tin
11th Hour: Hair Tin
11th Hour: i am Warlock Book
11th Hour: i am Mage Book
11th Hour: i am Wizard Book
11th Hour: Bat Eyes Tin
11th Hour: Wolf Brains Tin
11th Hour: Mage Potions
11th Hour: Witch Ingredient Bags
11th Hour: Spellbinding Book Stack
11th Hour: Warlock’s Dark Magic Skull – RARE
11th Hour: Rune Rock

→ Frog: ::BB:: – (Suetabulous Yootz) – Wizarding Crucifix Toad @ Wizarding Faire
→ Owl: .Birdy. – (Nina Helix) – Owlet {Sable} @ Wizarding Faire
→ Owl: .Birdy. – (Nina Helix) – Owlet {Snowy} @ Wizarding Faire
→ Candles: The Loft – (Colleen Desmoulins) – Little Yellow Candle

→ Frog: ::BB:: – (Suetabulous Yootz) – Wizarding Phantom Toad A @ Wizarding Faire

→ Little Bird on Perch: *MishMish* – (Aime Takaaki) – Phoenix Perch @ Wizarding Faire
→ Book Stack Next to Bird: *MishMish* – (Aime Takaaki) – Phoenix Loyalty Extras @ Wizarding Faire

→ Stacked Books: Refined Wild – (Khyle Sion) – Magician’s Texts – Book Pile – 01 –
→ Stacked Books: Refined Wild – (Khyle Sion) – Magician’s Texts – Book Pile – 03 –

→ Elf: Ohmai Emporium: – (Anya OhMai) – Free Elf Pet (Rez & Self-Pose) (Wuggy) @ Wizarding Faire
→ Frog: ::BB:: – (Suetabulous Yootz) – Wizarding Frogbit B @ Wizarding Faire
→ Frog: ::BB:: – (Suetabulous Yootz) – Wizarding Moon Frog A @ Wizarding Faire
→ Frog: ::BB:: – (Suetabulous Yootz) – Wizarding Golden Poison Dart Frog @ Wizarding Faire
→ Frog:  ::BB:: – (Suetabulous Yootz) – Wizarding Moon Frog B @ Wizarding Faire
→ Frog: ::BB:: – (Suetabulous Yootz) – Wizarding Marsh Toad A @ Wizarding Faire

→ Table: O.M.E.N – (Damascusvera) – Wizarding Table @ Wizarding Faire
*all one object 13LI – w/ Candles,Books,Wand, Plants in Glass Cases, Mini Cauldron

→ Skull w/ Book: ISPACHI – (Diarmuid Miklos) – Necronomicon * Free
→ Cauldron Filled w/ Books: [Con.] – (Valiantco) – The Spell-o d’Cauldron @ Wizarding Faire
→ Frog: ::BB:: – (Suetabulous Yootz) – Wizarding Horned Toad @ Wizarding Faire

→ Curtains:  [Ink] – (Nontroppo Torii) – Plain curtain ::S


♪ Lyrical Inspiration…

Now, believe…
That magic works.
Don’t be afraid…
Afraid of being hurt.
Don’t let this magic die…
The answer’s there…
Yeah, just look in her eyes.

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