9.27.13 – Life Is But A Dream.

I have been so busy lately :/
I plan to try to use the weekend to catch up on some blogging but RL is driving me crazy so I have less time than normal.

I wanted to do a more “whimsical” type post with some items from Designers United and this weeks Fifty Linden Friday.

If you haven’t been to Designers United yet you have until October 4th to check it out. The theme is surreal based so the items are really unique and awesome. One of the items is the animated mesh dress and hanger head I am wearing in this post…the clouds on the dress actually MOVE.

Life Is But A Dream

The pile of chairs is also at Designers United from Seven Emporium (which is quickly becoming one of my favorite stores for decor/original items). You can also pick up the signs you see floating in the water for just 50L today only for Fifty Linden Friday, in addition to a few other 50L items: the flowers from MudHoney and the turtles from SilentSparrow.

And now to the credits:


→ Dress w/ Hanger Head – The Secret Store – E-Motion @ Designers United 5

→ Chair Pile – Seven Emporium – (Agustkov) – 7 – Chair Pile! @ Designers United 5
 Signs in the water – Seven Emporium – (Agustkov) – – Lovers Decor #1 * 50L FRIDAY 9.27.13
 Signs in the water – Seven Emporium – (Agustkov) – – Lovers Decor #2 * 50L FRIDAY 9.27.13
→ Flowers in Pots – MudHoney – (Rayvn Hynes) – Fall Mums * 50L FRIDAY 9.27.13
→ Clay Pot People – *MishMish* – (Aime Takaaki) – Clay Family * 50L FRIDAY 9.27.13
→ Turtles – ~silentsparrow~  – (Hyasynth Tiramisu) – (Keylime) Turtles! Mesh Plush Friends * 50L FRIDAY 9.27.13
→ Telephone Poles – Nuwiggles. – (Suetabulous Yootz) – Trapaze Telephone Pole Pose Prop @ Designers United 5

→ Poses: Kuso – (Daiz Papp) – Stands – SP-001 Static Pose Pack *rotated using a pose stand to suit the photo. 


♪ Lyrical Inspiration…

Life is but a dream…
And we can live in.
We can make our love…
None to compare with.

Will you take part in…
My life, my love.

That is my dream.
Life is but a dream.

3 thoughts on “9.27.13 – Life Is But A Dream.

  1. omgoodness!! there isn’t a thing about this picture that isn’t perfect! I want to buy every single item in it that I haven’t already bought (I have the chairs and the electric poles) Great work and wonderful visual feast! Have a wonderful weekend!

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