The Season’s Story opens in just a few days ( September 10th) and I wanted to show off what JustDesign has for this event – The new Catty shoes, with socks!


These shoes come with a lot of options and the fatpack is really a great deal because you can mix and match all aspects of the shoe as well as all the socks with the shoe colors. You can wear these shoes without the socks, with ankle socks, or with thigh high socks like shown in my photo. The socks are HUD driven, you just simply click after wearing the proper alpha and ta da!

I have decided to include a snap of the HUD so you can get an idea of how many options are offered:
* Please keep in mind this is the fatpack view. 

I set up this little skybox you see in the picture just for this photo but I had a lot of fun rezzing all my little knickknacks from the Arcade and also a few new items from the Men’s Dept. O.M.E.N also has some really cute fall inspired drinks for The Season’s Story and you can see one of them in my pictures along with the cupcake and the new whiskey set at The Men’s Dept. Here’s a better view of all the room details:

9.8.13 - 2

This is turning into a forever long blog post, so now on to the credits:



→ Skin: -Belleza- – (Shyla Diggs) –  Leila Med 1 @ Collabor88
→Hair: [elikatira] – (Elikapeka Tiramisu) – Victoria
→Top: Gawk! – (Mell McMahon) – White Tummy Shirt
w/ applier for Lolas Tango’s
→Boobs: Lolas – (Sandi Moonites) – ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breast
→Skirt: Blueberry – (blueberryxx) – Kote *Mesh* Mini Skirt M Plaid
→Shoes (without or without socks):  JustDesign – (davidefre) – Catty @ The Seasons Story
→Backpack: (TokiD) – (Maya Levane) – Attic boho bag  (shoulder) @ TDR Fusion
→Glasses: Reek – Augie Glasses – Not Available
→Pencil: Somethin’ In Your Mouth – (Aletta Milena) – Pencil



→ Skybox: {theosophy} Port Eynon Skybox – (Trace Osterham) – Not Available

→ Rugs: :FANATIK HOME: – (Kendra Zaurak) – Rug 33 & 30
→ Bookshelf: DIGS – (Iris Maskelyne) – Stephenson Bookcase
→ Hanging Light: Seven Emporium – (Agustkov) – Hanging Bulb -Single – @ The Men’s Dept
→ Whiskey & Cigars on Desk: O.M.E.N –  (Damascusvera) – Whiskey & Cigar set – @ The Men’s Dept
→ Drink: O.M.E.N – (Damascusvera) – Fall Delights – Mulled Apple Cider @ The Seasons Story
→ Cupcake: O.M.E.N – (Damascusvera) – Fall Delights – Cupcake – Caramel Stripes – @ The Seasons Story
→ Plant: Apple Fall – (warehousefifteendesigns) – Potted Plant (Exotic) – @ The Arcade
→ Flowers on Desk: Apple Fall – (warehousefifteendesigns) – Poppies / Glazed Vase @ The Arcade
→ Candle: Apple Fall – (warehousefifteendesigns) – Scented Candle (Apple) @ The Arcade
→ Boat: Apple Fall – (warehousefifteendesigns) – Harry’s Boat @ The Arcade
→ Wall Photo: Sway’s – (Sway Dench) – WallArt [quote] photography @ The Arcade
→ Bear: +Half-Deer+ – (Halogen Magic) – Carved Woodland Animals (Brown Bear)  @ The Arcade
→ Owl: +Half-Deer+ – (Halogen Magic) – Carved Woodland Animals (Brown Owl) @ The Arcade
→ Dog on Desk: Intrigue Co.  – (Katharine McGinnis) – Plushie Pals: Toffee the Dachshund @ The Arcade
→ Falling Book/ In Hand: Lark – (Sienia Trevellion) – Imaginarium Librarium Butterfly  @ The Arcade
→ Floor Book: Lark – (Sienia Trevellion) –  Imaginarium Librarium Secret @ The Arcade
→ Floor Book 2: Lark – (Sienia Trevellion) –  Imaginarium Librarium Roots @ The Arcade
→ Floor Book 3: -tb- – (Julliette Westerburg) – Bon Voyage – Books  @ The Arcade
→ Cabinets: 11th Hour: – (River Stromfield) – Citizens Cabinet (United States)
→ Bookend: 11th Hour: – (River Stromfield) – Strike! Bookend – September VIP Group Gift
→ Papers taped to chalkboard: [ keke ] – (Kean Kelly) – Pinned parchments & Taped Papers
→ Classroom: The Domineaux Effect – (Domineaux Prospero) –
Includes: Old Oak Classroom – Desk/ Desk Clutter/Chair/Chalkboard/Student Desks


♪ Lyrical Inspiration…

So tell me if you see her…
Let me know what she was wearing and what she was like.
Cause I have been waiting here forever…
Let me know when she going out.
Oh baby baby…
If You Seek Amy tonight.

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