5.26.13 – CLEO!

As I am sure everyone has heard by now, Glam Affair has released a new skin named Cleo!

This skin has an adorable face for a cute youthful look and I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it:


The above pic is the only modified picture as I will show the rest of the options as raw shots just using my regular wind light settings.

What is unique about this skin is that it comes with customization options. The skin includes noses that you can mix and match using tattoo layers, as well as a visible pore option, also on a tattoo layer. If you are familiar with Glam’s older skins… you will recognize that they used to have more visible pores, and adding this layer to your new skin will give it that look. You can see the pore difference as well as the nose options here:

VisiblePoresOptionThe 3 noses shown in the circles are the add on’s. The nose shown in all my other photos is the default nose that comes on the skin.

Freckle options are included with this skin as well as some “add lashes” tattoo layers. In addition to all the regular make-ups you also get a few lip glosses and a no gloss add on as well.

Cleo is available in 12 make-up options and a “clean” version ( shown in the first large photo) as well as 6 variations in eyebrow colors ( I am loving the eyebrow colors with this release!!!) all shown throughout the following makeup contact sheet I have put together:


I wear the America tone by default ( and sometimes Jamaica when I feel I need a bit of a tan) but you can pick from 6 skin tones for the lovely Cleo, from a super pale Artic to a dark Africa tone:


I favor the young “babyfaced” look for my avatar so this skin will likely be my go to skin for quite some time. I STILL might switch back to my beloved Margot skin from time to time because I am not sure I am entirely over my obsession with that one yet 😉 Either way, I love me some Glam Affair <33

Here’s all the details:

Skin: Glam Affair – Cleo (Aida Ewing)
Hair: Exile:: All Over You Natural Fusion (Kavar Cleanslate)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Mirror Eyes (Audrey Lamede)
Lingerie: {Lily Bird} – Docka Lace Lingerie – Lavender/Nude Pink (Ambergriffin Huckleberry)


Girl, put your records on, tell me your favorite song.
You go ahead, let your hair down.
Sapphire and faded jeans, I hope you get your dreams,
Just go ahead, let your hair down.

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