So this will be my last post for probably about a week D:
I have family coming in from out-of-state and they are staying with me ( 5 people AHH ).
Needless to say I will be busy and otherwise preoccupied. Don’t forget about me 😛


The skin shown above is a gift skin from Glam Affair. 
It doesn’t have freckles, those are my usual ones I always wear, but the skin is quite nice for winter photos. 

I paired it with my horns from [AUX] that you can get from a gacha machine at the Capricorn round of Zodiac.
I have horrible luck with gachas… the first 5 times I played I got Ivory every single time. >.<
If you don’t have Ivory and would like a pair, please feel free to message me in world. I have lots to trade. 🙂 

You can see them better here:


I spent the day baking cookies so I am beat for today. Gonna probably go get ready for bed.
See you all after Christmas <33

Happy Holidays!

The details:

Skin: Glam Affair – Hybrid II Christmas Gift – Subscriber Gift
Hair: [e] Interrupt – White 05
Eyes: .ID. Light Sensitive v2 – Ice
Horns: [Aux] In Dreams – Horns – Ivory @ Zodiac
Sweater: [PO] Capricorn Sweater – White @ Zodiac
Skirt: :FANATIK: Mikro mini skirt White @ FROST
Stockings:  [ SAKIDE ] Snowy Pantyhoses
Boots: [ SAKIDE ] Appeal Boots White

>> TUNE << 

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