DeeTaleZ – Dolly

DeeTaleZ released a new skin recently…and I think this one really quite adorable.

The skin comes with a TON of options. Lots of freckle options, beauty marks and an interchangeable nose on a tattoo layer. 
I really love the new nose on this skin ❤


Extreme Freckles

The eyes shown above in the circles are also new, they are nice if you are looking for ultra realism in your eyes.

The Dolly skin comes in 5 different skin tones, as well as a Dolly I and a Dolly II version. They have different noses, but are otherwise very similar.
I have included a mix of Dolly I and Dolly II to show off all the skin tones:


As I said originally, I think this skin is really cute. So cute I had to do a vanity shot 😛

DeeTaleZ - Dolly

Be sure to go pick up a demo and see how it looks on you ❤


All the other details:

Skin: DeeTaleZ Skin Dolly 1 and 2
Hair: Magika [01] Quote
Necklace: EarthStones Romance Set – Classic White Pearl/White Gold
No Clothes! lol

>> TUNE << 

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