Despite a big loss, I’d bet it all.

The Ellio bikinis from *BOOM* have been released in full now, and to say there are a large number of options would be a huge understatement.
There are a total of 256 mix and match separates to choose from and multiple designs/patterns.
I am a fan of the “chevron” pattern, so that’s the one I picked to wear for my main set of pictures:

The bikini’s  include cute sculpted hip and back ties and each bikini full set comes with a tan line tattoo layer, which is a very cute little addition.
Here is a break down of all the different patterns you can get, and as I said, there are SO MANY colors of each pattern. 

I am also wearing the new mesh feet and flip-flops from Pixel Mode. They are amazingggggggg! They don’t do that weird glow thing like my other pair of mesh feet, and they came with 15 skin presets to help for easy matching. I had mine all matched up in less than 10 minutes. I will have to do a bigger post on them in the future to show off all the cute little things. Like the color change flower on the flip-flop! So cute.

Details Here:

Skin: -Belleza- Lily V1
Hair: !lamb. Blue Velvet (Mesh) – Ombre & Root Pack * HAIR FAIR *
Bikinis: *BOOM* Ellio Bikini’s
Feet: [PM] Pixel Mode: Bare Feet – pour Femme
Flip-Flops: [PM] Pixel Mode: Flip Flops – White

> TUNE <

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