Animation Station :O

*Boom* has released this new Animation Station, and I highly recommend that anyone who takes pictures goes and gets it! If you are anything like me, then you have multiple pose stands rezzed all the time to keep things separate. This new little station takes all the issues of multiple stands away as it can combine them all for you in nice little organized folders.

I LOVE this thing:

It comes with extremely simple directions on how to use it and it took me probably 10 mins tops to have all 9 loaded up and ready to go. Probably helps my poses were already organized, but still, if you are not organized this is a great reason to start. 🙂

To use the multiple stands you just click the 1 you want and cycle thru the poses that you loaded. You can name each one with hover text using a nice little menu drop down that allows you to name the folder. This helps me keep all my male poses separate as well as the poses I used for child avys. I also have a whole folder just for gun poses.. ( who knew!).

Best of all, if you just click the base the entire thing goes invisible and you are ready to take your pictures. The stand is also copy so you can rez multiples if you want.

If you don’t have one already, you should really go get one 🙂

*BOOM* – Animation Station

>TUNE< ( because I really like this song right now).

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