Pajama Party

So tonight, I had a pajama party with myself. O.o

I blame boredom, but I needed a reason to show off my new bedroom none the less. 🙂

Everything you see here is included in the new Allison Bedroom from MudHoney. Yep that’s right, bed, tables, lamps, pictures, rug, suit case seats, and that’s not even all of it! The bed, lounger and suit case seats all have built-in animations. All the ones you see above are in the menu for the bed. I am showing all the single poses, but there are also couples poses as well.

TP to MudHoney:

Also, I wandered into a new shape store called ChaChaDee and picked up this cute shape you see in these pictures. 🙂 The shape is shown completely UNmodded, I styled it up right out of the box, so what you see is what you get. There are a bunch of cute shapes there, and they are also priced pretty cheap! Great for anyone wanting a new look or a quick makeover.

Happy Shopping!

  • Shape: ChaChaDee! – Kim Shape
  • Skin: :Curio: Acorn-Chic-Pure
  • Pajamas: JANE – daydream believer pant.powder
                        JANE – daydream believer top.powder
  • Teeth: [ PXL ] OpenMouth addon
  • Hair: [e] Garden – Brown 04
  • Eyes: .ID. Light Sensitive Eyes – Light Blue
  • MakeUp: *BOOM* Liquid Glaze (lashed) Black

> TUNE <

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