Orient Express

I was kindly asked by the owner of Blue Sky to tell everyone about the very generous gift that will be available in the lucky board’s staring on March 10th.

The Orient Express Skybox!

The skybox has an animated panorama that makes the train appear as if it is moving. It also includes real train sounds and is probably one of the most unique skyboxes I have seen in a while. The textures are also all custom, and include all the lighting/shadow effects you see in the photos.

There are 2 cabins and a restaurant area, with plenty of windows throughout the entire train. The seats in the cabins also include poses. The skybox is a total of 176 prims but would definitely be a unique thing to have.

So don’t forget to check out Blue Sky on/after March 10th to see if you can get your very own. 🙂

TP to Blue Sky


….Runaway Train….

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