Eye Love…

My weakness in Second Life is eyes. I love eyes. All kinds of eyes in all kinds of colors. As a result, today, when I stumbled into .Insufferable Dastard., I kinda went a little crazy. Best thing? Most of the eyes shown below are only 25-40L! So there is plenty of room to pick up tons of colors. I believe the most expensive pair only come in at 99L and they include 5 wear options!


* All Pictures are COMPLETELY unedited, minus sticking them together in collage form. *

Creature of the Night and Hybrid Eyes:

Doll Eyes:

Light Sensitive Eyes: (I FATPACKED them for only 199L! Per type ). LOVE Them:

Shine Eyes:

Sparkle Eyes:

^^ Loveeeeee the sparkle eyes.

As you can see, there is a vast range of eye types. Each type of eye usually comes with at least 2 wear options and the Light Sensitive eyes come with 5!

I believe they are all labeled right, but I left with over 30 pairs of eyes, so I had A LOT of pictures to take :).

There are also a bunch not shown, including a very neat diluted set.

I am including ALL locations that I found, and if all else fails in world, the full line is offered on the marketplace 😀

Happy Shopping!

.Insufferable Dastard. – New Release’s Only Location

.Insufferable Dastard. – Copley Square <— Where I Went

.Insufferable Dastard. – Marketplace


EYE saw….

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