MudHoney Newness

Lots of new things are out at MudHoney!

This is the new Carlton Brownstone shown above, and it is perfect if you are looking for a loft style home, or a house with an apartment/city feel. It is made so if you wanted, you could line them up side by side to give the feel of townhouse living, or perhaps mod them to make your own little shopping strip.

It is only 206 prims for the entire home, so it leaves plenty of room to decorate.

Speaking of decorating….

This is the Telling Time Table, shown above, and it suits this build quite nicely. It would look great in a corner or entry way, or used as an end table. It includes the table and all accessories shown in the picture.

My favorite new release from MudHoney however is the new Castor Sofa.

The neutral color scheme makes it easy to match to any home, and the poses are so cute. As you can see here, I can type on a laptop, lay back and be lazy or read the ” MudHoney News”.  These are just a very small sampling of the singles poses. There are tons of them for both males and females. There are also 8 cuddles and tons of poses for 2 & 3 friends. Perfect addition to any home.

Now go decorate 😛

Items Shown:

Oh Look A Song

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