Hello Deer

I had every intention of blogging these before Christmas, but then realized… ” Ahh, Christmas is tomorrow, and I haven’t wrapped anything”. So since I procrastinated, this post has arrived today 😛

These adorable reindeer outfits are from *Evie’s Closet* and they are a gift that can be found under the tree right inside the store for 0L. There are tons of other freebies out as well, but I fell in love with this reindeer outfit.

I made my friend Rose come online to pose with me, because 2 deer are always cuter than one 😛 The outfits are very well made with sculpted parts and bells that jingle ( optional ), and the hoods are re-sizable. As you can see I stretched mine to fit over my hair.

Another great Christmas gift was the skin and eyes shown here. LAQ sent out a free gift skin to celebrate the holidays and the release of  ” Vilda ” the newest skin they have debuted. It comes in ALL skin tones, and also includes a blonde option. The make-up is the one shown here, which is a gift exclusive.

The eyes are also a free gift from Poetic Colors, they can be found in the mainstore.

What I Am Wearing:

Happy Shopping everyone, I will leave you with a picture of Rose and I waiting for Santa. 😀


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