Christmas Living

Christmas is only 1 week away, so I decided to seize this opportunity to show off my Christmasfied living room!

I love my little Christmas tree from {What Next}! It fit perfectly in the spot that I had cleared for a tree, as did the gift boxes.

The house I have set up right now is one of my favorites that I have purchased in a long time. It is from [SPRY] and there are so many cute builds there. Its small, but I prefer small builds as it gives the home a cozy feel 🙂

All the furniture and decor you see pictured is also from  {What Next}. I am a big fan of Winter Thorn’s creations, and own several of her full room sets. Her store is definitely a place that I suggest you go visit if you have never been, and a place I am sure you will go back to if you have.

What You See:

  • House: [SPRY] get lost/get found seaside cottage
  • Furniture: {What Next} ‘Winter’ Laurel Living Room
  • Includes: 21 Pieces ( couch, table, lamp, rug, ottoman, drapes, pine cones in bowl, pictures, wall hangings, pine cone candles, stockings, fireplace &  more things not all shown).
  • Tree: {What Next} Decorated Pine Tree
  • Presents: {What Next} Gift Boxes
  • Pillow: *Pillow Talk* Complete Me

Hope you enjoyed this quick peek at my living room 🙂

*Runs off to real life, since my birthday is tomorrow, Woo!*

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

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