It Looks Like An Early Winter For Us …

Aikea Rieko, creator behind The Plastik, has released some AMAZING things for Christmas! Today I am showing off the Christmas skins which are available at The Holiday Hill event on the Harold sim.


  1. [Plastik] – Lionheart – Elven – Menthe – Cult
    [Plastik] – Eyes:VaeColl. – Fool
  2. [Plastik] – Lionheart – Myth – IceQueen
    [Plastik] Eyes: VaeColl. – BeautyPink
  3. [Plastik] – Lionheart- Fable – 24 Carat
    [Plastik]Eyes: VaeColl. – Beam
  4. [Plastik] – Lionheart – Story – Hollyblooms
    [Plastik]Eyes – VaeColl. – Fool
  5. [Plastik]- Lionheart – Saga – HollyJolly
    [Plastik] Eyes: VaeColl. – Clea
  6. [Plastik]- Lionheart – Legend – Hollyblooms
    [Plastik] Eyes: VaeColl. – Fool

There are also TONS of Christmas/Holiday outfits out as well, you will see them all on a wall at the mainstore, as well as the TP locations to the satellite stores/events.

The skins packages at Holiday Hill include elf ears and eyes, so it’s definitely something worth checking out 🙂


Plastik Main Store

Plastik @ Holiday Hill

Happy Shopping!


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