Lying Snowblind In The Sun

Oh Look….It’s Me.

I realize that I am pretty suckish when it comes to blogging. I don’t get around to doing it even half as much as I would like to, but when something awesome catches my eye, I feel the need to jump on it.

The new sculpted scarves from * BOOM* did just that for me today.

I love love love them. They are sculpted perfection with amazing detail and even more amazing shadowing. They also include this little fun icy breath attachment, that makes you puff little puffs of icy air randomly. Perfect for when you are parading around in a cold or snowy area.

I have weirdly enough never owned a scarf in my almost 3 years of Second Life, but I am so amazed by these that I may just go pick up several more colors! Plenty of colors  are available as the scarf has 35 color options 😮 They are also easily re-sizable using the built in re-size script. Just click to adjust…can’t really get much easier.

Everyone should go buy one…keep your neck warm. 😛

What I Am Wearing:

  • Scarf: *BOOM* Righteous Muff – Robin’s Egg – * NEW *              ( with icy breath attachment! )
  • Skin: *League* Skin Suntan -Taylor
  • Jeans: *BOOM* Gettin Low Jeans -v2 (black)
  • Shirt:  Armidi Limited – Long Sleeve A01 Shirt [White]
  • Tattoo: AITUI TATTOO – Heart
  • Hair: TRUTH HAIR Nina –  dark browns – cocoa
  • Poses: Glitterati
  • Picture Location: :: YaYo :: – Mainstore <– It’s prettttyyyy there. But hey, I could be biased. 😛

Penguins 😮

2 thoughts on “Lying Snowblind In The Sun

  1. hehe…Thanks for the heads up on the Boom scarves…I was seriously considering them until I read this (which I went straight over and got one)

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