Fashion House

So today upon logging in I received a group notice from Paper.Doll telling me all about a new dress at Fashion House. Being the ever so curious ( and otherwise clueless ) person that I am, I had to go check it out and see what all was there.

Everything there is 50L!

I picked up the new release from Paper. Doll, the Hannah Mini, shown above. It reminds me of winter and something that would keep you warm while also maintaining cuteness.

I paired it with a pair of leggings I had in my inventory, but it looks cute without them as well. Plus, I was prancing around in the snow and didn’t want to catch a cold, ya know 😛

Also, see the skin in the pictures??!? It’s another item at Fashion House from Candy Doll…and its only 50L too!

Here is a close up:

I picked up the tanned version, but there are 4 different shades offered, all 50L each. I must say it has a very cute face, and definitely not something that you should pass up! Especially for only 50L.

What I am Wearing:

Also, before I forget, the pictures were taken at a very pretty sim that has a 4 seasons theme. I am in the winter part obviously. 😛 You can check it out by clicking HERE.

So last but not least…everyone should go check out Fashion House! There are lots of other great designers participating, and lots of other great items to be found!

Happy Shopping!

Click Here for some random tune. 😮

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