Happy Halloween Boys and Girls!

Today I am doing an eye post on some amazing eyes from Plastik. Arriving on Halloween none the less, these eyes are spooky, creepy, and as the name indicates…haunting. But at the same time oh so awesome!

Pictured above:

[Plastik]– Haunt Collection-Atlante ( One of my personal faves! )

[Plastik]– Haunt Collection-Bloody Poltergeist

Pictured Above:

[Plastik]– Haunt Collection-Dragarah

[Plastik]– Haunt Collection-Hypnotiqe ( Another personal fave! )

Pictured Above:

[Plastik]– Haunt Collection-SheThing Bloody

[Plastik]– Haunt Collection-Sickness

Pictured Above:

[Plastik]– Haunt Collection-The Cell

[Plastik]– Haunt Collection-Zombified


Another great thing about these eyes are that they also come in a prim version as well as the standard eye version. You can mix and match and create your own special look, as I did here:

I mixed and matched my fave 4 of the series to create a totally “eye-catching” look.

Now everyone needs to go buy some eyes, and veg out on Halloween candy…and all will be right in the world! 🙂

Happy Halloween!!

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