Made of [Plastik]

Oh hooray for plastiky goodness. ♥

Today I bring you the newest releases from one of my top favorite stores in Second Life… [Plastik]!

I received these amazing new dresses yesterday, The Delyia Dresses.

They come in 14 colors total:

Film Noir, Smolder, Mojo, Crimson, Paradiso, Girly Me, Violetta, African Violet, Stark Morning, Blaze, Sunshine, Emerald, Oceana and Naive.

They are also available as a fatpack!

The one I decided to wear as I pranced around the beautifully decorated sim at MiaSnow Home & Garden, is the African Violet color, flexi option.

Flexi Option? Oh yes that’s what I said. Not only do you get the version you see pictured when you purchase these lovely dresses, you also get a ” mini” version. So its like 2 dresses for the price of one. *gasp*

Here you can see several color samples in both wearable options. The longer version being the Flexi version and the shorter one being the Mini version. They also come with a chest attachment for an ultra realistic look, and for once I did not even have to adjust the skirt as it fit me perfect right out of the box 🙂

Colors Shown Here ( Left to Right )

African Violet – Emerald – Film Noir – Smolder

Go GET EM!!!


……..  MADE OF PLASTIK  …………

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