Click, Click, * BOOM *

Waitttt…..Come Back!! Nothing is going to explode!!! 😛

Just me, here to tell you about the amazingly brand new adorable surf polo’s from one of my favorite places to shop… * BOOM* !

Aranel Ah, has just released these adorable Surf Polo’s in 23 different colors! Ahhhhhh options! That’s one of my favorite things that she does with all her things; gives tons and tons of options! You can get blue, if you are feeling blue; red, if you are feeling angry..and uhm…tan if you are me 😛

The polo’s come with a sculpted bottom and collar for a super realistic look, and multiple attachment points so you can still wear your favorite accessories without your collar falling off. 🙂

Also….this tan polo just happened to perfectly match my little beach bag, also from * BOOM*. Soooo….Have I mentioned I am a Boomaholic yet…..? *needs shopping rehab*

Anyways…. to further indulge my Boomaholic’ness ( oh yes I am making up words here…). My favorite pair of jeans are also from * BOOM*. I love the cuffs, and they flare perfectly to fit over my shoes. They are not extremely low-cut, so you can still cover it all up when you wear longer shirts, rather than having your whole booty exposed 😛

On a different note…., check out the background of these pictures too!! I adore this sim. Even though I guess it’s for shopping for waves, rocks, and other beach stuff, I think it is so pretty that I love taking beachy pictures here. Summer is winding down, but my outfit for some reason reminded me of summer days, so off to the beach I went.

Be sure to check out Las Arenas Rosadas for some pretty landscaping and photo op’s as well as great things for sale if you are looking for some high quality waves/rocks/trees, ect.

I am gonna go fall asleep in a hammock now, and pretend that this is the weather I am having in RL, instead of having to think about a HURRICANE coming to ruin my 3 day holiday weekend. 😛


*inserts subliminal message here..*go shop at *boom* la la la la*

Click, Click * BOOM *

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