Carry Me Home

Today I am steering away from fashion and taking everyone on a trip inside my home 🙂

I adore my little summer cottage from (Elate!) and already have another one of her builds in my inventory for my winter home! Yes, yes, I take down houses and put up new ones just as fast as I get them finished, but it’s what I love to do, so why not!

As you can see from the above picture the house is quite small, but honestly I prefer tiny houses rather than having lots of wasted space.

The living room area is cute and cozy, and the brown texture you see on the walls can be changed. That’s right, the walls are texture changeable! It comes with 12 cute colors to pick from, and as you can see I settled on brown.

Area Details:

  • Actual House: Summer Beach Cottage – (Elate!)
  • Ceil Living Room Set – {What Next}
    Includes: Art Shelf, Coffee Table, Fireplace, Fireside Chairs, Photo Frames, Topiary’s, Stool, Rug, Wicker Baskets, Ladder Shelf, Large Decorative Floor Frame, Hanging Peg Photos,, Floor Lamps, Scatter Pillows, Vases, Tea lights, Star Candle, Wall Hangings, Mugs of Cocoa, Plate of Cupcakes and White Decorative Tray.
  • Mela canvas trio – Canvas Pile – [ARIA]
  • The Loft- (LP)- Linens – Not Available
  • The Loft- (SY)- Simple Candles – Not Available
  • ‘Flying Home’ Wall Decal – (above fireplace) – {What Next}
  • Tweet Tweet’ Wall Decal  ( behind shelves )- {What Next}
  • The Loft- (SY)- Rubber Boots – Not Available

This is my little bedroom area. As you can see the whole room is open, and there are no walls separating the bedroom from the living room, but I love open space. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bed. Its my favorite bed I have yet to own in Second Life, not to mention you can buy it in a whole little bedroom pack. 🙂

Area Details:

  • The Arbre Bedroom Set – {What Next}
    Arbe Bed
    Arbe Bedside Table
    Arbe Table Lamp
    Arbe Wall Poem
  • Ciel Hanging Peg Photo – {What Next}
  • ‘Circling Birds’ Wall Decal – (behind bed) – {What Next}
  • The Loft- (LP)- Rug – Not Available
  • Cottage Chair – LISP Bazaar
  • Cottage Table – LISP Bazaar

The back of the house features doors that can be opened or closed, leading out to little porch. I like to leave the doors open, but that is probably because I am partial to open spaces as I said earlier 🙂

I made a little sitting area in the back part of the house, just for hanging out or just for decoration 😛

Area Details:

  • Bago Bedroom Rug – The LOFT
  • Tail Top Table – MELIA
  • Shell&Glass Holder – MELIA
  • Hoyos  Sofa White – The LOFT
  • The Loft- (SY)- Wall Star – Not Available
  • The Loft- (LP) – Wall Frame – Not Available

Last but not least, my other favorite place which compliments this cute little house so nicely. My Gazebo!

This gazebo is from MudHoney, and comes FULLY FURNISHED with everything you see here. It even has little cuddles in the lounger and single sits in all the chairs.

  • Spring Gazebo – MudHoney – FULLY FURNISHED

All the designers from which I purchased things for this house have TONS of other great things. People’s talent amazes me at times, and I tend to spend more money on prefabs and furnishings, than I do on anything else in Second Life.

Happy shopping everyone, and I hope you enjoyed your little view into my home 🙂

PS – The SL House & Garden Group in world is AMAZING! Designers send out amazing freebies and sales notifications all the time. It is completely worth the 150L joining fee!! * Hint Hint*

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