Don’t Stop Believing

So just like half the SL Universe, I have decided to give blogging a whirl. I figured it would be something to do to keep me busy in my down time, and it helps that I love taking pictures. 🙂

I plan on blogging new things as well as old things, clothing, homes, furnishings; pretty much whatever my little heart desires.

This is my FIRST POST EVERRRRR! So bear with me, as I am new at this!

On with the post!

Since this is my first post, I just decided to blog whatever I was wearing. There is nothing new about it, but I must admit it is quite cute!

I like to shop at a store called Gawk!, that I discovered thanks to The Platinum Hunt; you can still get the hunt item at the store if you hurry on over, and its only 10L. ( Hint: Its inside a box ).  The item I am wearing has nothing to do with the hunt though 😛 The pink and black sweater I have on I picked up today and I love it. Its has a hood in the back that I did not have to adjust at all and the textures are also pretty darn awesome.

I took all 3 of the pictures shown above on the Gawk! sim, which you can check out for yourself by clicking here: Gawk! I love sims that are all landscaped to a theme, even if it’s just a store, and this one was done up very nice in my opinion.  Go check it out!

What I Am Wearing:

  • Skin: :GP: Acorn [Dark] June – Raccoon 2 – Curio w/ Breast Enhancer for Curio – Acorn – Luck, Inc.
  • Eyes: Dazzling Emerald Eyes – LAQ
  • Hair: Imogen – Espresso – Truth Hair
  • Jeans: Gettin Low Jeans – V2 ( Black ) – *BOOM*
  • Sweater: Pink Cable Knit Hoodie – Gawk!
  • Necklace: Rock ‘ n ‘ Roll Gang Bang Chain – NSD
  • Boots: Layer’s Boots [A] Corduroy – SEY
  • Tattoo: Star Shine Tattoo with Neck Star – :: YaYo ::

Location of Pictures: Gawk! Sim – Gawk!

This wraps up my first post ever, and I’ll leave you with the current song stuck in my head, which inspired the title to my post, thanks to my lovely friend Rose who sent me this link 😛

Don’t Stop Believing


One thought on “Don’t Stop Believing

  1. Just a small town girl
    Livin’ in a lonely world
    She took the midnight train goin’ anywhere

    Just a city boy
    Born and raised in south Detroit
    He took the midnight train goin’ anywhere

    lmao you love me!! and i kept it nice!!

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