Serene Sanctuary.

The Serene Sanctuary is one of the newer builds from 8f8.

It is a gacha, and available at the Xiasumi School Festival, which ends tomorrow April 21st.
So make sure you go now :P

Serene Sanctuary.

→ Build: 8f8 – (8f8) – Serene Sanctuary – Koi House RARE @ Xiasumi School Festival
→ Smaller Build: 8f8 – (8f8) – Serene Sanctuary – Resting Shade @ Xiasumi School Festival
→ Rug: 8f8 – (8f8) – Serene Sanctuary – Bamboo Rug @ Xiasumi School Festival
→ Bench: 8f8 – (8f8) – Serene Sanctuary – Sakura Bench @ Xiasumi School Festival
→ Trees: HPMD* – (Sasaya Kayo) – Garden Trees with Lights – Green
→ Grass: [we’re CLOSED] – (Mandingo Quan) – Grass Field Lush
→ Bush1: HPMD* – (Sasaya Kayo) – Shrub – Green
→ Bush2: [we’re CLOSED] – (Mandingo Quan) – Shrub – Large Green

Developing from the negatives.

I set up this darkroom area about a week ago and have been trying to figure out exactly how I wanted to do a photo since. I finally did something with it today.

Developing from the negatives.

This whole darkroom set is available at the Xiasumi School Festival from Fancy Decor. I have a bit of an obsession with all things photography (more so in RL than SL even) so this set was a must for me – but I am also a bit of a decor collector.

All the rest of the credits are below <3

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Painting Pictures.

I have been settings up lots of little “scene areas” for my photos lately, but I did not realize how many new decor items I obtained recently >.> I need a shopping intervention.

Most of the stuff today that you see in the background is from The Xiasumi School Festival – which has been open for a bit now, so the lag should have died down and shopping should be lots easier.

Painting Pictures.

I have a few more posts planned, I am actually getting back to my regular blogging for this week anyway :P

Credits and stuff below <3

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Because my world would be a wonderland.

Just a short post, with lots of things.
I am sick in RL with the plague (or you know, just a cold…) so I am not so chatty :/

Because my world would be a wonderland.

I love this little shabby garden set from 22769/Bauwerk though, so I opted to take another picture of it:

Credits are all listed below <3
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Strawberry Wine

A bunch of new things from The Season’s Story today – this is always one of my favorite events and the spring themed round has not disappointed.

Strawberry Wine.

I have a bunch of little scenes set up to show but today is the 8f8 – Delicious Rest Stop. I took a few other shots below to show it from different angles:

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